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Wednesday, 03 September 2014 07:04 Written by
We are schools from Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland and Spain that worked together to have an approach on how  Climate and Nature can influence the natural habitats in the different countries. We intended to show the consequences on our daily life and future.
The communication was in English - so that the students and teachers had the opportunity to improve their knowledge of this language. But there were other languages involved in the process of communication (Spanish, Italian, German, Russian).

The outcome were presentations, webdiaries and films shared by all participating schools on the international meetings. The project provided teachers/trainers and students of the partner institutions with new opportunities to improve and enhance their competencies in the field of ecology, languages and multimedia techniques. Apart from those aspects  students were involved in intercultural learning in order to understand other cultures and mentalities.

A strong point was the direct and active involvement of both students and teachers with focus on the European dimension.
The project lead to a new way of collaboration between learners/trainers thanks to working on these important topics concerning our common future.