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Fuenlabrada, Spain

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Thursday, 31 October 2013 16:07

I.E.S. Victoria Kent is a public school witw 650 school, founded in 1992. Our school is situated in the south of Madrid, in Fuenlabrada town with about 240.000 inhabitants. It is a center where students are educated Secondary Education (ESO), Bachelor of Science and Technology and Humanities and Social Sciencies and Professional Education. Our Integration Program welcomes students with physical and / or mental disabilities.

Centre with good academic results, comparable or even superior to those of other schools in the town in the last years, and a climate of positive coexistence. This is reflected among other things in which it has become a highly rated center in the neighborhood in which it is located, El Naranjo, since it is chosen by more than 90% of students from nearby schools.

Fuenlabrada is a town and municipality located about 22.5 km. south of Madrid. At the outer edge of the metropolitan area of the capital. Our town is the fourth city in population, after the capital, Móstoles and Alcalá de Henares. It is one of the principal cities of metropolitan area of Madrid, that puts the industry and service sectors. It is one of the municipalities with a younger population throughout the country. This is due to a migratory process produced in the 80s, and the arrival of many young people seeking housing.